The Dragon Riders PB

The Dragon Riders PB
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The Dragon Riders has arrived! How did the boys go from knowing absolutely nothing about dragons to having one for a pet?

It's getting harder and harder to hide Elton John (they found the name on one of their grandparents' old records) under the covers of the bed - he's almost the size of a horse! And what to feed him? He seems to like everything toasted... Oh, and another thing the boys didn't know a thing about was a dragon's yearly ritual - to meet up with all the other dragons in the land. But why, oh why, did he have to bring the boys and their dog with him?

James Russell is a first-time children’s book author. He figures if he's going to write one, he may as well write three or four.

He has 12 years in the newspaper business, both as an editor and a journalist/columnist. Now he's a full time writer of books!

On the weekends - and by night - he is a father to two young boys whose insatiable demand for a new story both morning and night is the inspiration behind The Dragon Brothers Trilogy and The Dragon Defenders.

The Dragon Brothers Books all have AR (augmented reality) content in them. This goes for both the children's picture books, but also the Dragon Brothers Novel series.

Most people have never heard of augmented reality, but what is simply means is that it puts something that's not real (like a dragon, for instance!) into the real world. By looking through a devices camera you can see the real world, but now there's something else there too - it has been 'augmented'.

The way to access the content is by simply downloading the free AR Reads app on the App Store or Google Play, start up the app, and simply point it at the parts of the book marked with AR content.

In the picture books, the map at the beginning and end of each book comes to amazing, 3D life! Look closely, and before long you'll see Flynn and Paddy, their dragon Elton and Big Red, the most dangerous dragon on the island!

In the novel (released mid-late April 2017 in New Zealand), there are five pieces of AR. You can meet the evil Pitbull, find out how his men reached the island and what they are there to do, and see the Mother's Knee Hill come to life!

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